Dr. Allison Faber is an amazingly talented, professional and kind individual. We are so lucky to have world class care such as hers in our area! She takes her time to give the utmost care to our equine friends and the results are astounding!
The first time I used Allison, I was concerned about my FEI dressage horse's performance, and only being a week and a half from the show, I wanted to be sure he was performing his best. She worked on him providing chiropractic and acupuncture. I could not believe the difference! Not only did he drool and thoroughly enjoy his treatment, he was amazing at our show and we received our highest score yet!

She also helped my young horse recover from an injury and he has never been better thanks to her!

I recommend Allison to everyone and it is obvious that she has the experience, patience and skill to treat all of our equines, from retirees, to those coming back to work, to providing maintenance for those performing at the highest levels of any discipline!

Thank you Dr. Allison for all that you do!

Heidi Joi Gayle,

"Eighttofasttocatch” has won over 14 races (9 of them stake races) and over $1,000,000 in purse money. I am convinced the work Allison has done with him over the past several years has greatly contributed to him staying sound as well as to his being able to continue to compete at a high level while racing.

Timothy L. Keefe,

We have used many equine chiropractors and acupuncturists over the last 20 years and have seen the best results after Allison works on our horses. Not only is she very intuitive with their needs, but you can see her love for animals and her true desire to help them feel their best.

Terry and Sherry C.,

Allison helped to identify my pony's cervical spine issues. Seeing the mare's reaction when she found the sore spots explained so much. Watching her relax completely with the acupuncture did my heart good. Periodic treatments and some herbal supplements have given me a pony that is more relaxed and a lot more fun. Thank you, Allison!

Barbara H.,

Allison exudes such calm, which soothes both patients and their caretakers. Each visit is a kind of homecoming, as we were wrapped in her warmth and care.

Lissy B. and Deuce (3/4/98 - 6/20/13),

I met Dr. Faber over 10 years ago when she helped my retired racing greyhound, Crooke, who was suffering from an acute episode of neck pain. Since then, she has seen and worked on all of my dogs and cats and my horse, Kizzy. They all love her and she has made such a difference in all of their lives. The most recent improvement is in my horse. Kizzy is a retired Standard breed that has some sort of cervical issue and was very stiff/painful in her neck. With Dr. Faber’s care, Kizzy is able to move more freely. Bending became a possibility instead of just a dream! I can’t imagine not having Dr. Faber to call when one of my loved ones needs veterinary care.

Sheila Armel,

I have known Dr. Allison Faber for twenty years and she has provided impeccable care for my horses during this time. She never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge and compassion for the horses she treats. I would recommend Dr. Allison for anyone in need of Chiropractic/Acupuncture care for their equine partners!

Marcie Clifton,

Dr. Faber has treated both my horses—a 35 year old quarter horse and a 12 year old warmblood. She is very tolerant and gentle as they are not the best patients. For my younger horse, recovering from a hind suspensory injury at the origin, she has performed electric acupuncture in and this treatment has definitely helped with her soundness. She recommends western medicine when appropriate but is very considerate of the cost and will suggest alternate treatments whenever possible.

Judy S.,

“Giving kudos to Dr. Faber is easy. The first time I met her I realized that she wanted my horse to be just as healthy and pain free as I wanted him to be. She has been in lock-step with me on all issues with him and from that first meeting, Allison has helped me not only with my Thoroughbred but also with my senior Lab and my rickety old kitty who was with me for 20 years. Allison intuitively understands the love we have for our animals and has the compassion, the knowledge and the time to give to each as precious individuals included in her “family”. Thank you, Allison, for everything.”

Ginny Sawkins,

“There are not enough superlatives for Dr. Allison Faber! Simply put, Allison is one of our treasures. My horses and cats love her. Whether treating serious illness or supporting wellness Allison always exemplifies the highest integrity, expertise, and personal commitment. When appropriate, I refer my clients to Dr. Faber and they, too, are so appreciative of her. Allison’s pure and radiant energy is a healing connection between western and complementary medicine that enhances the lives of our animals and their people. Deborah Wooten, Healing Touch for Animals Certified Practitioner“

Debbie Wooten,

"In my work I partner with many veterinarians to assist clients with their animals. I particularly enjoy working with Dr. Faber as she has a thorough and yet unique ability to dissect the origins of issues and formulate solutions that are nurturing for both pets and owners."

Dawn Cooper, TBMI, TPM Eq., Cn., Total Balance

I am delighted to offer my highest recommendation for Dr. Faber. She combines her knowledge of both “Western” and “Eastern” equine practices with her vast experience and horse sense! and the results are amazing. An analogy Dr. Faber often uses is evaluating and treating horses is like “peeling the onion” which represents the very complex and often interwoven issues that confront horses and their owners on a daily basis. I was fortunate to connect with her during the diagnosis and treatment of my warmblood cross. Without her help, I doubt he would have been diagnosed as a wobbler. She supported both me and my horse, Toy, through the difficult days of surgery and post-operative management. Although I must admit I was skeptical initially, her use of Chinese herbs, chiropractic techniques and various types of acupuncture had visible, positive effects and Toy has benefited immensely from her skills. Dr. Faber is a permanent member of “Team Toy”. Thank you, Ally!

Dr. Celeste Powers,

Dr. Allison Marshall is a wonderful Equine chiropractor. My horse Brilliant Image (Aka ) Joey has been a patient of hers for several years . Along with his routine chiropractic appointments ,we followed up with massage therapy as a course of his regular maintenance through out his life Joey has been able to transition from a Beautiful elastic Dressage mount to a very supple Jumper.

Tracey Leftwich,

Allison began working with my horse almost a year ago. He is a thoroughbred/quarter horse so built a bit down hill and was having some difficulty engaging his hindend effectively. This was having an impact on his strength and fitness, which was only making his job that much harder. Today, he carries himself (when he feels like it, which is a totally different issue), is more balanced and connected, and his ability to engage his hindend has improved dramatically. He carries himself much straighter and moves from behind, which has significantly improved our over fences work. Most importantly, Allison has accomplished this because of her sensitivity to my horse and his needs, which I know is how she approaches every horse with which she works. She has a unique ability to see each horse as an individual.

Jill Randles,

My agility Border Collie, TBC Tenacious, underwent shoulder surgery and stem cell therapy in May 2013. Dr. Faber has helped immensely in his recovery with regular chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and several types of Chinese herbs. This picture was taken Oct 13th at his return to competition. We cannot thank you enough, Dr. Faber!

Paige M. Port,

Allison has an extraordinary ability to diagnose and treat by sight and feel. She has brought significant relief and healing to several of my beloved animals. In one very special case, her electro stimulus acupuncture saved me thousands of dollars in unnecessary surgical procedures. As a bonus, she's a wonderful human herself!

Joanie Pond,

Having had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Allison Faber nearly 12 years, I would not even think twice about calling anyone BUT Dr. Faber for any of my horses’ or my other pets’ needs. I try to do Chiro and Acupuncture at least one a year, for maintenance--certainly more if there is an issue. Her innate sense of the animals’ needs, her compassion and kindness, added with her years of knowledge in Veterinary Medicine is impossible to find. I would recommend Dr. Faber for not only alternative treatments, but also for pre-purchase, lameness evaluations, and overall health care. She is the best!

Patty Michalak,