Herbal Therapy

Equine Herbal Therapy

Herbal therapy refers to medications derived directly from plants and animals.



Herbal medications can come in the form of a single plant, or have multiple ingredients within one formula. Although herbal medicines have often not been “proven” via scientific studies, they have been used over thousands of years with gentle, yet reliable results. Chinese Herbal recipes, which can involve as many as twenty herbs in a single well-balanced formula, were composed using these ideas, and are balanced within the formula to reduce or eliminate unwanted effects. Chinese herbal medicine is based on the same theories of energy that are used to perform acupuncture, including the theories of Yin and Yang, and the Five Elements, and can assist and support acupuncture treatment. The herbs are administered by mouth, often in capsule or powder form, for weeks to months. In some case their use may be discontinued once resolution of the problem has been achieved.

One of the strengths and complications of using herbal formulas is that they are very specific, sometimes moreso than our treatments and medications in Western Medicine. For one problem, such as diarrhea, there are as many as 20 different formulas based on the detailed diagnosis process utilized by TCVM practitioners. It is more important for specific diagnosis when utilizing Chinese Herbal formulas because if the incorrect formula is given, it can actually exacerbate the issue it is trying to heal. Unlike some synthetic medications which are used to alleviate or mask symptoms, Chinese herbal theories seek to rebalance the source of these symptoms and therefore “correct” the condition.